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Occupational Health Walk-in Medical Clinic in Waukesha, WI

AFC Urgent Care Proudly Provides Employer Drug Testing, Work Injury Treatment, and other Occupational Medicine Services

Occupational Health Walk-in Medical Clinic in Waukesha, WI

Occupational Medicine is a big part of what we can do. From vaccinations and drug screening to physicals and workers comp evaluations we can support businesses with the complete array of occupational health services. Those services include Workers Compensation care.

Because prompt, accurate communication is a key building block to effective occupational health services, we’ve designed programs that promote streamlined record keeping, enable a quick return to work, and keep you fully aware of your employee’s health status. We will work with you to design a plan and health care process that fits your business needs.

Escalating healthcare costs are affecting their bottom line and profits of business owners everywhere, especially in Wisconsin. One element of healthcare, workmen’s compensation coverage, is a very real cost. AFC Urgent Care centers such as AFC Urgent Care allows employees to bypass emergency rooms for urgent treatment of injuries and illnesses, employers can pay 1/10 the amount to cover injuries, while employees lose less hours to wait and recovery time. Small and large corporations can benefit greatly from providing their employees with the healthcare coverage they deserve at a fraction of the cost. Let AFC Urgent Care help, give us a call today to learn how your company can save money from our urgent health care services.

It’s not hard to see that, when it comes to saving money and improving both quality of life and productivity, urgent care centers provide a compelling alternative to emergency rooms. Our medical doctors work hard to make sure your employees get back on their feet and back to work. Full recovery time can be less when you are taken care of faster, more affordably, and with the utmost care.

All workmen’s compensation programs are not built equal. While some have a reactive approach, taking care of the problem once it has happened, other have a proactive approach, taking care the problem does not happen in the first place. At AFC Urgent Care, we specialize in both reactive and proactive approaches. For example, did you know an interesting fact about drug testing & workman’s compensation is that employers who regularly drug test employees pay less in workman’s compensation over time? If you did not know this, give us a call today and we can let you in on other ways your company or business can save money and time working with AFC Urgent Care for all your health care needs.

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